Hair Crush: Shaved Nape

When we were in SA I happened to catch  an episode of Christina Milian's reality series "Turned Up" and saw that she had shaved her hair at the nape. I absolutely loved this look!

Christina Milian

It's a fun way to switch up your hair. You can add a pattern och letters depending how skilled your barber is. 
I love this look with the box braids combined with the shaved nape.

And check out this pattern! Love this. 

I'm not looking to cut my hair short any time soon, but I'm considering this. Partly because my nape hair always is shorter than the rest of my hair, and now my little one also enjoys tugging at it when he's in the carrier on my back. 
I also think that when it's time to grow your hair back then you won't be stuck with that awful strange length period which is hard to hide if you shaved your sides or your whole head. 
Maybe this will be my spring/summer look for 2015. ;) 

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