Behind the Blog: Writing

As usual life is busy, busy, busy. With spring around the corner I feel very inspired and productive. I'm sure the weeks baskin in the South African sun also contributed. ;) I've taken on some extra writing work this year as I love writing and want to do it more.

Creative Writing literature 

Firstly I'm taking a creative writing class online. I've done this before, so I'm on step three out of three now. It's just been a very long time (almost four years) since I took the first creative writing class, can I say my writing is rusty? So far I'm enjoying it, but struggling. I've chosen to put together a collection of short stories that focus on race, my genre being fiction. 

My second writing project this year is that I'll be a contributor to the blog over at Bespoke Binny. I'm super excited about this! It gives me the chance to write about other topics than hair which is something I want to do without abandoning the hair blogging. So keep your eyes on the Bespoke Binny site! And why not peep into their store and check out their awesome African print products. ;) 

There will also be some guest blogging happening here and there. For the best insight to where this is taking place keep your eyes on Twitter and Facebook. If you want me to be a guest blogger on your blog please contact me

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