Hair Workshops

Many people come to me with various questions concerning hair, it happens both in real life and online. For years I've been asked to do workshops or presentations, but I've been putting it off for several reasons. But it is time to I've it a shot!

So I've decided to take on workshops and hair consultations. 
The workshops will be held in and around Malmö/Lund and can be held in either Swedish or English. For a workshop I would like three to six people to be in the group. This is perfect for parents who want to learn more about hair care for their child, for an example. 

The hair consultations can be in person or online (via Skype or e-mail) and are a one on one thing. The focus will be on your hair and what you can do to get your hair healthier. These can also be held in Swedish or English. 

For pricing and bookings, please contact me via e-mail

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