Hair Crush: Box Braids

If you're a 80's kid like me you grew up seeing Janet Jackson and Brandy wearing box braids. I've had them installed a couple of times; the first time I think I was around 13 years old. 
Box braids is a great protective style if you don't keep them in too long and take breaks between having them installed. You can install them yourself or have someone do them for you. Over the last couple of years box braids have come back in style and they seem to be popping up everywhere. 
I was considering having them installed in SA, but didn't feel like spending a say at the salon when I was there. 

Recently Copenhagen based blogger Khalisa (Mima the Flower) had them installed and I'm just loving them on her! 

Love how long these are. 

Would you dare to go green? Or any other color?
Love the wrap/box braid combo.

There are endless ways of styling them too. 

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