Keeping Baby Busy While Doing Sibling's Hair

Little man playing with the spray bottle
When you have more than one child and one of them is a baby things can get a bit crazy. I fix my daughter's hair in the morning and since my son is now crawling and very active I have to figure out ways to keep him busy.  Luckily doing my daughter's hair takes only around ten minutes. But, this got me thinking, what do you do with baby if you need to do longer hair styling with your other child? Here are a few ideas of things I thought about.

* Do hair when baby naps. If you have a baby that sleeps long and well on his or her own this is perfect. 

* Have a box of toys that only comes out when you style your other child's hair. In this box put things your baby really loves to play with and only bring out one at a time. 

* Make sure baby is fed and happy when you start styling your other child's hair. 

* Have someone else watch your baby or take them for a walk. If your partner is around this works great, but not everyone has this luxury. 

How do you keep your baby busy while doing your other child's hair? Comment below and share your tips! 

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