Tresemme Naturals Vs. Tresemme Vital Naturals

Some months ago I was running low on Tresemme Naturals, my go to rinse out conditioner, and headed to the store to buy more. But I couldn't find it. Instead there was Tresemme Vibrant Naturals. I wasn't sure if it was just a name change but bought a bottle. When I got home and compared the old bottle with the new one I saw right away that the new one had a longer ingredient list. I posted a pic on Instagram and could tell by the comments that not everyone knew about Tresemme Naturals no longer being available. I searched online to see if there were any reviews on Tresemme Vibravt Naturals, but at the time there were none.  I decided to try it and see how I felt about it.

Slip - One thing I love about Tresemme Naturals is the slip, it always was so easy to distribute in my hair and to detangle with. The slip is not as good in Tresemme Vibrant Naturals. 

Moisture - Though I don't feel that my hair is less moisturized when using Tresemme Vibrant Naturals, it's not as silky. Usually when I rinse out Tresemme Naturals my hair feels silky smooth, I miss that. 

Price - The price is the same.

Ingredients - Obviously the ingredients have changed, and the list has beome much longer which to me is not an improvement, I prefer short ingredient lists with names of ingredients that are actually easy to understand. 
Tresemme Naturals
Tresemme Vital Naturals

To sum it up; Tresemme Vibrant Naturals is okay, but I don't love it. It's not going to replace Tresemme Naturals on my favorite list. I don't understand why they replaced such a good and popular products. 
So now the question remains which rinse out conditioner will become my new favorite. Please comment with tips! 

Have you tried Tresemme Vibrant Naturals? 

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