Post Pregnancy Hair Struggles

After the excessive post pregnancy hair shedding after my son was born last year my hair did start growing back. And even though it is slowly growing back it is causing me some problems when styling. It seems like around 1/3 of my hair is currently growing in which leads to stubborn short curls popping up wherever they want to. I try to pin them down with gel and Bobby pins but sometimes they escape. And now I can clearly see it when I wear my hair out. The hair closest to my scalp is a lot fuller than the hair at my ends. I've noticed that I have trouble getting the hair closest to my scalp fully saturated with product. I keep on forgetting to focus in more on this area since I'm so used to focusing on my ends.

There's nothing that can be done about this issue except waiting. Waiting for the hair to grow out and join the rest of my hair. But who likes waiting though?


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