Meet the Lucky Four - Free Hair Consultations

A few months back I went online to find four ladies willing to have a free hair consultation in exchange for us to follow part of their hair journey here on the blog. The interest in this was massive so I had to choose randomly. I choose two ladies from South Africa and two from the rest of the world to make it more interesting.

Below you will meet the ladies with some short info. I have added how the consultation took place as well.

South Africa, via Skype
Natural, latest relaxer 2012.
Biggest Hair Issue: Growth, hair has been the same length for about a year. 
Hair Goal: Big hair like Erykah Badu, bra strap length. 

Sweden, Face to Face
Natural with heat damage due to frequent use of flat iron 
Biggest Hair Issue: Hair is hard to care for.
Hair Goal: Healthy, full hair as well as getting back curls.

South Africa, via Skype
Natural for most of her life. Shaves off hair every 2 years or so due to it getting knotted. 
Biggest Hair Issue: Tangles, dryness. 
Hair Goal: Healthy hair, length. 

Sweden, via Phone
Natural for all her life, color treated hair. 
Biggest Hair Issue: Breakage at the ends.
Hair Goal: Length. 

We will follow these beautiful ladies on the blog regularly, so stay posted.

If you are interested in receiving a hair consultation please e-mail. Healthy hair consultations can be held face to face, over the phone, over Skype or via e-mail. A consultation takes approximately one hour and focuses on your specific hair care routine and where you can make changes to achieve maximum hair health. 

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