What Parents Say

I love the message of this image. As parents what we say to our children and how we react to them affects them. I like to press on this because I learnt it the hard way.

My mother never knew how to care for my hair and this resulted in her struggling a lot. It also resulted in her saying things like "it's difficult" "it's too big" "it takes to much time to care for" along with sighs and huffs and puffs. This made me feel like I had bad hair. I didn't feel pretty growing up and struggled with self acceptance. Along with the comments and insults I received from my peers it hit my self image tremendously. 

Even if you don't know how to care for your child's hair don't link it to negativity. Your child's hair can be beautiful and amazing wether you possess the knowledge to care for it or not. For young children the way they look is secondary to how they feel; even if the hair looks wonkey they can feel amazing if you encourage them to. There is power in your words. 

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