My Do: Refreshed Wash & Go

If you've followed the blog for a while you know I'm a big fan of the wash & go. I think I just love having my hair out since I rarely did for most of my life. But after three or four days my wash & gos tend to look a bit sad. But since I usually wait at least seven days between washes I either go for various simple updos or I refresh my hair.

This is how I look when I wake up

For refreshing my hair I use my water spray bottle, my leave in conditioner (which one I use depends on what I originally used when I did my wash & go) and my fingers. 
I start by wetting my hair so it's quite wet but not soaked. Then I apply leave in without really sectioning the hair and rake though it using my fingers. This helps me get rid of shed hair as well as spreading the product. I usually do one side of my hair at a time. 
Water, leave in and finger detangling

And then I let it air dry.
This day I also did a messy flat twist in my bangs. I sometimes add a bit of oil on my ends if I see a need for it. 

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