Review: Hair Clips by Hercules Sägemann

The first time I saw these clips was at VAVAC in September. Carriene from I Love Natural Hair was selling them and I found them interesting and wanted to try. But then I thought to myself "I have hair clips, how many do I really need?" Well if I had used these before I wouldn't have needed the various other clips I've tried over the years. Lucky for me Zuzy Beauty sent me a gift box recently with some Core Radiance hair care accessories and these clips were among these things. These Hercules Sägemann clips are the best hair clips I've ever used. I love them! The great thing about them is that they don't snag your hair. I don't know what in the design that does it exactly but they slide in and out of hair so effortlessly. And they are strong. I can use one to hold my entire head of hair!

My whole hair held with one clip
(I use these in the shower when I don't want my hair to get wet)

To sum it up all I can say is you need these clips!
Latoya Dennis uses them in her salon as well, so they work well for professional use as well. 

Thank you Zuzy Beauty for sending me these clips! 

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