Review: Grapeseed Oil

I was given a bottle of Grapseed Oil by the Goody Box UK months ago. And they have been so incredibly sweet and patient while waiting for this review, so a EXTRA special thanks to Rachelle!

And since then I've been using it off and on. I really like this oil, it's very light weight which is perfect for my hair, since heavier oils weighs it down. I wanted to try this oil because it's the oil that is in my fav Afrocenchix Sheen and I'd never tried it on it's own before. And I have had somewhat of a hard time finding it in regular health food stores, of course it's always easier online.

With the Grapeseed oil I was also given a sample of Jamaican Castor Oil and Almond Oil. I will update you on them in the future!

Grapeseed oil is made out of grapes, thus the name. ;) It has a high smoke point, and I've heard naturals who use it as a heat protectant, I still have to try that. It has many antioxidants and is good for people with sensitive skin.

I really like this oil, and a little goes a long way. Like I already said it's not heavy, it's almost odor-free. It's hard not to compare it to other oils, of course Jojoba is my biggest love, but I think Grapeseed Oil is a great runner up. When I put it on my hair it doesn't feel very oily or weighed down and that's exactly what I want in a oil.

Will I buy it, yes! But it'll be a while because I'm using so little just to seal my ends this bottle will last me quite some time.

Thanks again to the Goody Box UK for sending me samples!
And being incredibly patient while waiting for my reviews! 
Yes, they do ship to us in Scandinavia ;) 

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