Review: Anita Grant Shampoo Bar

This is the second shampoo bar I ever use. (The last one I reviewed here -> Bee Mine Nourished Ayurvedic Herbal Bar). I decided to try some shampoo bars from Anita Grant since I wanted to try more of her products since I love the Rhassoul Deep Condish Bar and I'm looking for a good cleanser that can be ordered in Europe or bought on the ground.

The thing about using a shampoo bar is that it's a very odd experience when you have used liquid shampoo all your life, but for my hair length this is perfect. Since I already have to section my hair to get to the scalp to be able to cleanse it properly a shampoo bar works great. I lightly rub the bar on my scalp and then use my fingers and massage it, just like any other liquid shampoo. I don't rub it on the hair, just focus on cleansing the scalp. This shampoo bar leaved my scalp feeling clean and not itchy, as well as my hair feels clean but not dried out. It does exactly what I want a good cleanser to do.

And when I ran out of body wash the other day I looked at the shampoo bar and was like: Well then! And you know? I love it for my body! It doesn't dry my skin out at all, which is a reason for me hating bar soap since always leaves my skin dry like the Sahara, but not this bar! And I do feel really clean after using it. :) Gotta love multipurpose.  ;)

I bought samples of both the Peppermint Babassu and the Kelp & Ylang Babsassu. This far I've only tried the Peppermint one, but I'm sure I'll love the Kelp & Ylang just as much! I'm definitely buying it again! And putting it on my fav list!!

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