Hair & Poetry XII

Recently I discovered Poetry Africa and was thrilled to see a poetry festival held in South Africa. So whenever I have a moment to listen to another poet I listen, and I'm inspired. Today I listened to Lebo Mashile and was captured right away. Not only by her words, but by her stage presence, she looks like she's at home on stage. Thanks to Google and YouTube I've realized she's well-known and has done a lot of inspiring work in SA and outside SA. She's born in the US by South African parents and moved back to SA at the age of 16. Find out more about her here.
(Side note: She reminds me a lot of Judy Holiday both in looks and in charisma.) 

This poem brought tears to my eyes. I love dancing, I used to be a dancer, I know exactly what she means, I know that feeling very well.

This is a beautiful picture, love the head wrap!

I struggled with choosing YouTube Clips for this post,
they were all so good!
I'd like to read her books; does she have any? If not she needs to write some :) 

Not anyone can pull off blonde, but Lebo does make it look good.

Read this great interview with Lebo Mashile in Divas Inc.

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