My Do: Rockabilly Inspired Meets African Wax Print

Those of you who know me in real life know that I love East African wax print fabrics. I love mixing western style with African fabric, it speaks to my personality very well (though I'm not East African, but still). The other day I watched a YT clip with one of my fav UK Naturals FusionofCultures and she had added a head scarf/band accessory to her hair in the form of Kente fabric (she's from Ghana, so of course she's gotta rep!). I was like: That's a great idea! I've been seeing all these Rockabilly inspired looks on the streets with scarves and I wanted to try a similar style, but all the scarves I have didn't quite go (and God knows I don't need another scarf). Since I have lots of wax print fabric laying around (I used to sew a lot back in the day) I took out a scrap, measured it so it fit around my head and had and extra 20cm on each side and cut it off.  There are no exact measurements, but if you want to try this with a fabric you have at home I suggest you take a pretty long and wide piece, you can always cut off pieces if it's too big. I just made a knot behind my bangs and tucked the ends away. Nothing advanced, but I figured I'd share it anyways. ;)
Lace button earrings from Beautella's Boutique

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