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It think the biggest misconception on mixed/biracial/mixed-race/africaneuropean hair (the reason for the / is that we all define ourselves differently, and I still don't think there's a word that completely defines me and I feel completely home when using, the closest is "mixed". <---Side note.) is that our hair is so easy to care for. For some reason because we have looser curls there seems to be this sense (I think esp in the black/African community) that our hair is easy to care for. Let's talk about this.

What would our hair be easier than any other curl pattern? If you start talking to mixed people, I think especially in Scandinavia they'll all tell you various crazy stories about how their parents, hair dressers, family, friends etc. tried to care for their hair and had no clue. Most of us grew up with parents who had no clue of how to care for our hair. Some resorted to relaxers, others to braided extensions and weaves, others chopped their hair off. I think for most adult mixed people I meet they have only recently figured out their hair or are still struggling. This is not because our hair is more difficult than any other hair type, we just lacked people that knew how to care for our hair and could teach us. 

Eli posted this on my Facebook and I felt it was perfect for this post. These are obviously American girls, so their experience might be a bit different than us Scandinavians, but I could actually relate a lot, even though my hair was never straightened as a child. There's just something about parents who have no clue, but pretend that they do, haha! 

I couldn't stop laughing when they talked about the bobble hair ties, I use them on my daughter's hair all the time!

Being mixed doesn't mean you have the same hair type, curl pattern as the next mixed person you know. Even siblings can have completely different hair types, so talking about "mixed hair" or "biracial hair" as a unit is very illogical if you ask me.
Just look at these mixed celebs:
Alicia Keys  

Thandie Newton

Leona Lewis

I did a post on mixed race hair not too long ago, you can find it here.
I'd love to hear from mixed Scandinavians, do you think our hair is easier to care for than other hair types? 

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