My Do: Cornrows & Donut

I've been wearing my hair out a lot lately, so I decided I needed to give it a break, the ends were getting really dry and tangled. So this time I choose a style that is pretty simple, and not my most fav look, but it works.
For this style I used a rat tail comb, spray bottle with water, hair ties, bobby pins, Root2Tip Quench Créme (review will come soon).
I decided to make it as easy as possible and just do simple cornrows front to back. I don't have a mirror where I can see the back of my head so I decided not to cornrow the hair in my nape, also because it's a lot softer and has a looser curl pattern which comes undone so easy anyways. I ended doing 11 fairly thick cornrows, I first braided them all to the end and then slept on them. On the second day I undid the ends, put all the loose hair in a hair tie and used my donut. This time I didn't want a sleek donut like last time, I wanted it to be more textured, which it has turned out to be.

I'm maintaining this style by sleeping with my silk scarf and using Afrocenchix Seal on my scalp before bedtime to keep the itchiness away. I'll re-do my donut bun whenever it seems needed.
From the side
For this pic I'd taken the donut out before bed

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