300th Post: You are Royal!

Again, the number put so much pressure on me that I avoided blogging all together. 300 posts. Yes, that's a lot. And of course I wanted to make this one special, and therefore I couldn't think of anything to write about. So this is just going to be a very basic, no pressure (on myself) post.
With my increasing head of hair - it's really long these days - I've re-realized something: It's not about the hair. It really doesn't matter if my hair is long, short or whatever, what matters is how I feel. Not only about my hair but about myself in general. Of course a bad hair day can make you feel like the day is going down the drain, but truth is the majority of people may not realize you are having a bad hair day because they don't know exactly what your hair looks like on a good day. And you can always tweak it, re-do or wrap it with a scarf and go on with your day. But if you don't feel good about you then the hair on your head really doesn't make a difference. You can have the best hair do, but if you think you suck then the probability is you will feel you hair sucks.

As women we attach a lot of things to our hair, but truth is it's just hair. Rachael from Afrocenchix told me the first time we met: "First you fall in love with your hair and are like Oh my God, I love my hair! And then after a while you are like: It's just hair. I love it, but it just hair." (this is not an exact quote, lol) And I was like YES! 'Cause that's how it is. When you start on your natural journey or when you finally after years (as it was for me) find products that actually work for your hair then you are in love with your hair. But like with any relationship, the passion of the beginning of the relationship diminishes over time and gets replaced with a steady and table sense of love, not as passionate, but just as present. And you can carry your head high and love your hair every day, but you don't have to talk to everyone about your hair, because you know that the relationship is stable and everything is working smoothly. (Of course, as in any relationship, there are bumps here and there, but that's just a part of it)

So don't obsess about your hair too much, trust that you have a stable relationship and wear your crown with pride.
Natural haired sisters: 
I salute you!

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