A Note on Straightening with a Flat Iron

I realized I forgot to add something in my post about flat ironing hair which I think is important to share. When I use a flat iron to straighten my hair I start in the middle of the section I'm straightening and go slowly to the end, I use my rat tail comb to comb right in front of the iron. The when that piece is straight I start from the scalp and slowly go all the way to the end, that's it. I try to go over the hair as few times as possible to prevent heat damage. I always work in very small sections. Be aware that all hair may not be able to work like this. But I have a (old) professional style flat iron (it only has one heat setting), and I have very soft hair which I think makes it so easy to straighten. When you do use heat on your hair be sure to use as little as possible. I never re-use the flat iron when my hair is straight, I maintain it through wrapping it with a scarf only, so I don't go over it daily, nonono! I just go over it that one time and then I put the heat away.

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