Sabrine: Having Curly Hair in Sweden

It's time again for a curly hair beauty form Sweden! Yay! Sabrine and I have not known each other for very long, but it turns out she's just a little hair obsessed too, imagine my joy! She has amazing hair, like I want to touch her hair; amazing! (No I haven't reached out and touched it, I know better!) 
And for my Twitter followers, this is the girl who got her comb stuck in her hair, lol; we've all been there! She did manage to get it out the next day though, with some spray conditioner and patience. Thank God, I was worried she'd cut her curls! 

Have you ever relaxed your hair? If yes, when did you decide to go natural? 
yes I have relaxed my hair MANY times when I was younger unfortunately. Every three months I put in "the crack" in my hair and saw it slowly
get damaged. In my teens i had a large complex for my natural hair because I was often teased about it so I did everything possible to keep the straight hair ,until one day my dad told me that he didn`t liked that i put chemicals in my hair and that i should embrace the person god had created.
So i thought about what he said and realized that i shoudln`t deny who i am and that my hair was something beautiful. So i was around 16 years old when i decided to go natural. 

Which products do you use on your hair? And what's your hair routine (regimen)?

I wash my hair only once a week and over the years, still to this day I try my way with different products. Right now i use the Nashi Argan shampoo , conditioner and Goldwell mask and i LOVE IT!!! Makes my hair soft and keeps it moisturized. Curly activator i use Mixed chicks. 
You have to experiment with products to see what suits your hair and of course the rule nr 1!!! ALWAYS sleep with a scarf at night so u will not get the big knots or ruin the pretty curls. 

What's your favorite hair care product?

The Nashi argan series! 

What has (if any) been the biggest challenge when having curly hair? 

I guess it all the big knots you get. 

What do you like best about having naturally curly hair? 

I love when I have good "hair days" and when the curls are perfect. Best that it's naturalhair and you do not spend hours and money at the hairdresser to sew in extra hair. 

Did you have any curly role model growing up?
Hahahaha yeah I had!! Melanie B in Spice girls!!! I looooooooooooooooved her hair sooooo much!!

What's the weirdest question you ever received in regards to your curls?

"Can I touch your hair???? please?!!!!"

Thank you for participating! 

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