My Do: The Donut

The Donut!
Okay, so I've been seeing a few tutorials and a lot of people in real life using the donut, and I was like, hmm... I wasn't sure it would work in my hair. But I had seen naturals on YouTube use the donut so I figured it would work. I bought mine at Glitter for 20SEK (cheap, right?!). My daughter has been touching it asking what it is since it's been laying on the kitchen table for a few days, haha.

This is a great styling aid for people who want low maintenance hair styles. What you need: Donut, two hair ties, some bobby pins or hair pins, water spray bottle, optional: gel and & scarf.

I started out by spraying my hair with water, just dampening it. The I raked through it with my fingers and put it in a bun. I added gel (Kinky Curly Curling Custard) to the front part to smooth it down. Then I put the donut on, spread the hair over it as evenly as possible, added the second hair tie on top of it and then tucked the ends under the second hair tie. For the few ends that were sticking out I used bobby pins (I don't have any hair pins at the moment). The last step was to wrap the front part, the one with the gel, with my silk scarf, which I kept on for ten to fifteen minutes (if I was wearing make up that day I'd apply it during this time).  Once time is up I removed the scarf; done!

I really like this style, it's simple, and I can wear it every day to work or I can add accessories and make it a more dressed up look. I do kinda feel like I'm off to dance class to do ballet (don't know if that's a good thing). I think this will be one of my go to styles. It's great for the last few days before wash day and for my hair length right now. And it's easy to maintain, I just wrap my hair with my silk scarf at night as usual. I'd love to have a bigger donut, but this was the biggest one I found. But if I find a bigger one it's miiiine!

This is where I first saw the donut months ago!
Love her bangs, still have to attempt them in my hair.

1. Put hair in bun
2. Put on the donut
3. Add hair tie on top of hair, spread evenly

4. Tuck away the ends
5. Put on scarf to smooth ends
6. Final result.
On day three I realized I wanted to switch it up a bit so I did a side donut which I liked even better than the centered one.
Side donut :)

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