Vita Vera

I have been buying my Organic Shea butter and Organic Jojoba Oil from a Swedish online company called Vita Vera. The reason why I started using their webshop were the prices and that they carried both Shea butter & Jojoba oil as organic products. I did really like that.
But, their orders take a long time to get shipped! And now I will never use them again!! I placed an order at the end of May for Shea butter and a big container of jojoba oil. I got the Shea within a few weeks, but the jojoba oil which cost around 250SEK, and which I paid for with my visa card, never came! I have e-mailed them, without receiving a reply! So I am guessing I will never see my money or my product! Very disappointing, and very aggravating!! So now I will have to find a new place to shop for my Shea and jojoba.

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