Twist out

This post should have been posted yesterday, but you know, life gets in the way sometimes :)

So yesterday I did my twist out. I put some Kinky Culry Gloss Pomade on my fingertips and the gently twisted the twists the opposite way and when they parted enough for me to pull them apart I did.
Twist out
And since I didn't like the llok, it was too flat for my liking, I seperated the twists some more to add some volume, and of course did the upside down shake :)
Finished look
And I put my bangs up with two bobby pins so they weren't in my face.
Of course there was a storm last night, so my hair got all puffy and out of shape... so thanks to Mother Nature I just sported this look for one day. Oh well...

On a side note, I like the the red in my hair, the henna is starting to show! I'm debating if I should go gor the more red tone or stick with this one...

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