Two Strand Twists

I went to bed with somewhat damp hair last night, so of course I woke up with serious bed head this morning, the back of my head was flat and my right side was lopsided. So I took one look in the mirror and decided to do two strand twists instead of trying to save my curls this time.

I wet my hair with my spray bottle and added som Kinky Curly Leave in Conditioner (I didn't add any yesterday after I rinsed out my DC) and the set to work. Starting the twists at the back by my neck. My hair is very soft and the curls are less tight there so I have the make the twists smaller in the back to help them stay. I used some Kinky Curly Gloss Pomade on my finger tips while twisiting and on the ends of my hair. My hair was damp when I twisted it, I prefer working on my hair when it's damp, though I know most naturalistas seem to like to do twists on dry hair. I don't mind the shrinkage, and I just find my hair easier to manage when it's wet. I think I did my whole head in like 1-1,5hr. Tomorrow or Saturday I'm doing a twist out. I think my hair looks kinda funny in twists if their are not minitwists, so I don't like to leave them in for that long.  
Btw, if you look closely at the pic you can see the red, mostly on my ends. 

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