Henna coloring pt. 1

Big hair
So today was the day, I started my Henna coloring process. I was a bit nervous since this is something I've never done before, and I feel very happy with my hair, so cutting it off because of bad color wouldn't feel too good just about now.
So I read the instructions carefully and then set to work. I washed my hair with schampoo, then combed it out resulting in a big poofy 80's inspired do! (Can't believe this is basically what my hair used to look like when my mom took care of it growing up)
I let my hair air dry cause it said in the instructions to leave it semi wet, and since my hair takes hours to air dry I ate breakfast while it dried a bit. Then I boiled some water, mixed about 1dl with henna. I was nervous to make too little, so I used 1,5dl henna, even though 1dl would have been enough I realized when I was applying it. Oh, and I added a tbsp of honey which according to the package was optional.

So when the mixture was like a thick porridge I divided my hair into 8 sections, put on my plastic gloves and got in the tub ( the instructions said it would drip and it did, so thank God I got in the tub). It took about 15mins to apply the mixture to my hair, I made the finished sections into two-strand twists and coveted them up with a plastic bag (I didn't have a shower cap and I love using things that are already in the house).
Plastic Bag
The instructions said to let it sit for 30min up to 2hrs, but since I wad a bit nervous and cascious I only left it in for about 1hr and 20min. It was hard to get the henna out completely even though I rinsed for a long time and schampooed twice. It left my hair feeling dry, as expected, so I DC:ed for an hour after. Now my hair feels soft again.
As for the result, well, there is a slight color change, very subtle, after a few more treatments I will post a pic! 

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