I Heart My Hair

Today I decided to wear my I Heart My Hair shirt today with my hair out (That I got from British Curlies). Actually my hair was bigger than it usually is, yesterday I went from the messed up twist out to spraying my hair with water and putting some leave in in it, and ended up with my regular do more or less. And this morning I woke up, didn't really do more than shake it out at bit, got dressed and went. So the curls had separated a bit more at night which added more volume, and the wind made it even bigger when I walked.

Since it was beautiful out I walked through the town center to get to my friend's house. It was warm so I took off my jacked. And started to notice people looking at me, even through the music in my ears I could hear a few people commenting on my shirt to whoever they were with. The things I heard were positive. I heard one guys say to his friend: "I love my hair, that's cool!" It made me smile. Yes, I do love my hair! :)

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