My Do: Upside Down French

Friday night was spent playing with my hair. I tried a style that I've been wanting to try, can't remember where I first saw it though. If you want to keep up to date on my hair styles follow HoH on Instagram!

This is not a polished look, since it was just a trial run I didn't put gel in my hair and didn't smooth my edges as much as I would if I was wearing this style on a regular day.

I started out with spritzing my hair and applying leave in conditioner, then finger detangled to make it a bit more manageable. Then I did a part from one ear to the other. And put the front part in a clip so I could braid the back part.
(Sorry about the poor quality of the pics, my iPhone doesn't do well with taking pics at night, it needs day light, preferably sun.)

I then started making a French braid starting from the nape going towards the scalp. I like to put my head upside down when I do this and close my eyes, this way I can kinda visualize the braid. I always have to focus extra when doing a French braid, because I by default will braid a cornrow style braid (with the braid "laying on top of the hair") if I don't focus.

When the braid was done I took the clip out of my front section and gathered all the hair together in a hair tie. I think you can just stop there and do a side pony tail, but I wasn't loving the look.

Then I tried a quick bun by just twisting the hair around itself and using a bobby pin to fasten it. Cute, but I wasn't loving it.

So I decided to try to make my bun as big as possible, so I used the same technique I did for my high bun post. If I was to wear this style this is how I'd wear it, but I'd probably make the bun way bigger by coming by combing my hair out properly.

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