Hair Heritage in Africa

South African natural hair vlogger AuCurls Naturelle posted this video in the South African Naturals Facebook group the other day and I wanted to share it with you.

I grew up in Sweden, so I've not experienced this first hand at all. But I have friends who came to Sweden as children and had attended school in various African countries before so I've heard some hair related stories like these.
I've also heard (white/Swedish) parents with adoptive African children say that they put extensions in their small girl's hair with the reasoning that "in Africa they put extensions in small children's hair" which is not my impression from being in South Africa or Zimbabwe, as well as talking to people that grew up in African countries.

I hope more naturals in Africa share their stories with the rest of the world.

I wonder, not just seeing this video, but talking to woman who grew up in African countries. If children wore the same hair styles before colonialism. Or if the "keep it short" and "keep it neat" was something that came when Europeans brought religion and their type of schools to Africa. It's no secret that braided hair styles come from Africa, and Ethiopian woman in particular are known for their beautiful braided hair designs. So I'm just curious if Africans choose the hair styles (short and "neat") for themselves or if they more or less had no choice.

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