Hair Crush: Hello Cupid

The reason why I clicked to watch the first episode of Hello Cupid (of course on Black&SexyTV) was that I saw two women, one with obviously natural hair and another with a scarf (which turned out to be natural hair).

The two actresses names are Ashley Blaine Featherson and Hayley Marie Norman. Both of them are stunning and have beautiful natural hair. I'm a sucker for anything I can watch back to back on YouTube, so I got sucked in. I love how Ashley's character is such a "typical natural" scarfs to bed and twists in her hair. None of that fake Hollywood waking up with perfect hair and a full face of make up. I like all the topics they have managed to put in the show, shadeism, sexuality, love, etc. I'm hooked.   

Ashley Blaine Featherson
Hayley Marie Norman

Make sure to check out the series, a new episode every Sunday. 
Two more episodes this season... 

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