From Hair to Face - Behind the Blog

This will not be a regular hair related post, instead I've decided to do a post about me; Nandi - the person behind the blog.
The title of the post was actually the idea of my friend Zozo, Ngiyabonga sisi!
For those of you who have followed the blog for a while it's no news that the blog has been more focused on my hair than anything else. Which is the idea of the blog. But I've decided to stop being scared of being narcissistic and introduce myself to my readers a bit.

There's a little info about me on the About Page.

Ten things you don't know about me...

  • I hate taking pictures. It's been like that for years and years. It has gotten better, but when someone pulls out a camera or a phone I always think Oh no! in my head. (Yes, this is the reason why there are plenty of pics of my hair, not of my face.)
  • I love babies. For those that know me it's no news. I have loved babies since I was a young girl. From newborn until they are around two I just love them. They are so curious, so unique, and everything is like an adventure to them.
  • I'm not and outdoorsy person; I love cities. Going camping would be a night mare for me, I would probably last one night if that. I like being indoors or in a city, country side is not for me. To add to that I hate bugs, they freak me out!
  • The first language I spoke was German, next came Swedish and lastly English at the age of three. But I actually feel most like myself when I'm speaking English.
  • Though I'm born and raised in Sweden I don't consider myself Swedish. I feel more German/South African than anything else, regardless of what my passport says. And please don't tell me I'm half this or half that; I have reserve the right when it comes to defining myself. 
  • I used to dream of being a dancer. From the age of about 12 to 18 I took lots and lots of dance classes and had my mind set on being dancer. But the pressure of auditions got to me when applying to dance schools after high school, and I realized I couldn't cope with that kind of pressure.
  • I have an older sister. She's nine years older than me and we live in different cities. We have different moms, but I never refer to her as my half sister, she's my sister, period. 
  • I love hearing about people's life stories. It's so fascinating how unique we are, how different and yet the same. I also love hearing people tell me about their jobs when it's different from mine because it's fascinating.
  • I love traveling, but I hate packing. I love airports and train stations (when I'm not in a hurry). It's nice to sit and people watch and make up stories about the people you see. Or listen in on parts of a conversation and make up what happened before or after.
  • I moved into my first own apartment less than two weeks before my daughter was born, so I've never quite lived alone. I've lived with different people in different places, but never alone. And I hope I never have to. 
I'll have another blog post up soon with more pictures of my hair before the blog started. 

If you want to know anything more about me leave a comment below, tweet me or email me ;) 

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