Swimming with Natural Hair

I've taken up swimming recently (for those of you that follow me on Twitter this is no news). I just wanted a workout and I've been drawn to water for a while. I'm not a professional swimmer at all, but I love how it gives me a full body workout and a clear head afterwards. So I've been trying to go swimming regularly, depending on what my schedule looks like. My hair was (of course) a big worry for me when I decided to start swimming. I needed to find a good way of protecting it against the chlorine. And I was worried about having wet hair twice a week when I generally only wash every 7-10 days. 

So before I went for my first swimming session I did some research and I found this video by Naptural85 which was very useful. 

I always wet my hair before going in the pool and apply conditioner. I usually keep it in twists or braids and gather them in a bun. My head isn't really under the water when I swim so my hair hasn't been as affected by swimming as I thought.
After my session in the water I rinse out the conditioner thouroughly, sometimes I reapply and rinse depending on how my hair feels. Then I do my regular routine: leave in conditioner and oil on the ends. If it's cold (which it was in fall when I first started swimming) I'll blow dry my hair with the diffuser after, but if it's nice out I'll just leave with hair wet and let it air dry.

Summer is approaching, so it's time to think about how to care for your hair in the pool or in the ocean.

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