Judith Hill Hair Styles

So Judith Hill got voted off season 4 of The Voice (read my previous Hair Crush post). I totally don't get that! America, what were you thinking?! I'm sure we'll see more of Judith in the future, a voice like that can't be silenced. As a little tribute to Judith Hill I want to review her hair styles.

She started out with hair hair curly and funky at the beginning of the season...

Then the stylist started playing with straight styles...

I was a bit perplexed by this one to be honest, but I guess it works for a stage show.

This was by far my least favorite. What was the stylist thinking? (I know Sasha from Team Shakira had the same hair style one week and I was as annoyed then) This is what my hair looks like after wearing a hat or a helmet! Not cute, can't believe they did that to her!

This style was crazy! Love it! 

Personally I think Judith should keep her hair big and curly, only play with the flat iron if she wants to. I love her fohawk looks. I think her hair is super fly and I don't think she needs that straight sleek look!

Keep your eyes and ears open for Judith Hill

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