Breaking the rules

After not knowing how to care for my hair for years and years, and then learning how to care for my hair, I am now here. My hair is my hair. I love my hair. But with everything that is going on in my life it has become less of a priority. I am happy with the length and color (most days), I know which products to use when etc.I know I can do an array of styles... And lately I've just been breaking all the hair rules. Not because I'm trying to be a rebel, more because it's just hair. If I f it up I can just cut it off and start over.

I haven't been sleeping with my scarf or bonnet. I haven't had a real wash day, I just wash whenever I feel it's time. I haven't been DCing as much as my hair needs. I've been wearing it out a lot. I haven't been moisturizing as I should. Yeah, I've been doing everything kinda as I please. Maybe my hair will punish me, maybe it won't. All I really want right now is for my hair to be easy to manage and maintain. Simplicity please! 

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