Hair Crush: Cleo Higgins

Battle Rounds

Since my friend got my hooked on the Voice I also started following season 2 of the Voice UK. One of my fav singers on season 2 is Cleo Higgins. Since we are close in age she was very much an hair inspiration back in the day when she wore box braids singing with her sisters in the group Cleopatra. I think they were one of the very few young black naturals I saw at that age. Now Cleo is back, competing on the Voice to make a solo career happen.

The Blind Audition

At the blind auditions I was already cheering her on, firstly for her performance, secondly for her natural hair. ;) She got all four judges to turn for her and she looks amazing! I hope she keeps her hair natural as the season continues and her career takes off again.

Loved this fohawk with extensions for the battle rounds. 

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