Heat Damage

A lot of naturals stay away from using heat on their hair, with all right. If you are a frequent reader of this blog you know I'm not a fan of heat either. But, I did flat iron my hair the other day. Did I experience any heat damage? Nope.
Curls are back!
Heat damage is basically damage to your hair from the use of heat on your hair. It can be a change in curl pattern or porosity, etc. It usually doesn't happen after using heat once or twice, it's usually when using heat regularly on your hair, and happens faster if you don't use a heat protectant on your hair. However everyone's hair is different, and what my hair can handle yours may not.

Before and after using hear like a flat iron I suggest DCing you hair. Before I washed the straight out of my hair I actually overnight DCed to give my hair an extra extra amount of moisture. My hair has actually never looked as good as it did when I flat ironed it this time, which I think is because my hair is not colored and it's very healthy. I've constantly colored my hair from the age of about 14 until two years ago, so this is the first time in like 16 years when my hair has it's natural color completely (it has a bit of color at the ends still, but I think I see it because I know it's there). I think this is one of the reasons my flat ironed hair looked so good.

So if you want to avoid heat damage stay away from blow driers and flat irons (and always stay away from hot combs!!). But if you want to use heat once in a while just be sure that you hair is the healthiest possible, and DC before and after, every time!

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