Reusable containers

What do you do with the container when you are done with the product it came with? I just wanted to remind you to look at the container and see what else you can use it for. Of course reusing glass is best because you can get it completely clean and don't have to worry about it releasing nasty chemicals which plastic might.
Here are just a few if the containers I'm reusing in my household.
The pump bottle used to hold Afrocenchix Shine Daily Conditioning Oil and now holds my Avocado Oil for skin and hair.
The glass jar used to hold honey and now is the home of my HeyFranHey inspired body smoothie.
The spray bottle (as you can see) used to contain Afrocenchix Sheen Spray and now contains my water and conditioner mix.
And the little jar came from Anita Grant as a sample of Whipped Mango Butter and now holds my homemade Shea Butter mix which I keep in my bag to rehydrate dry hands.

A special thanks goes to all the companies that use glass containers! Easier to reuse and more friendly on the environment! :)

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