Natural Hair in London, pt 1 (the Strivers Row)

My girl friends and I spent the past weekend and the beginning of the week in London. We went this weekend to see the Strivers Row performance on the 15th, and of course to enjoy ourselves in general.

The Strivers Row show was great! If you've been following this blog you know I love hair and poetry :) There's just something about seeing performances live that makes everything more real and more touching. Though I'd seen most of the poems on various YT performances it was way better live. The poets all seemed really cool, though I was too hungry (we skipped lots of meals that weekend) to stick around and talk to them personally. I was most moved by Zora Howard's performances, which was quite unexpected actually. Of course they were all amazing on stage, but Zora was the one who's words most moved me. Zora had a great hair do too, a kind of beehive style with all her hair pinned back. And Alysia Harris hair has grown and her curls were beeeeeautiful! Very defined and bouncy, I tweeted her to ask about which products she uses and she replied Shea Moisture. Gotta love Twitter ;)

This was posted on the Strivers Row Facebook page today. 
Perfect, so you can all see Alysia's hair ;) and talent. 
I'm pretty sure she didn't perform this one at the London show. 

Will post part 2 of my Natural Hair in London post soon. All about the weaves, shopping and the hair cut. 

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