Happy Nattyversary Silver-Straw

Silver-Straw is back with a one year update on his locs! Read the post on how it all begun here

One Year Locked

One year anniversary, how do you feel about your hair?
One year and many more to go. How I feel about my hair? Simple answer, I Love It!

What is your current hair care routine? Cleansing, re-twisting, etc. 
One important step that I’ve taken out of my locks maintenance routine is re-twisting. Now I only interlock. I prefer interlocking because its obviously less time consuming and my locks maintain the same thickness before and after a wash. Witch used to bug me be when I was re-twisting.
I’ve put together my own natural oil based leave in conditioner that I apply every day and I shampoo and condition once a week.

Have you bumped into any hurdles along the way, of so what? 
I got a couple of locks that started freeforming, I managed to untangle all but one that is impossible to untangle withought destroying both locks.

Is you hair fully locked?
Yes it is, except for the new growth.

Which kind of feedback have you been receiving now that your hair is locked? 
The feedback from those that know me pre locks has subsided now that I’ve had my locks for a while. But I get an occasional “locks fit you” comment witch is always great to hear.

What is your lock goal?
To have healthy long locks, that’s about it.

What styles do you look forward to trying now that your hair is in locs? 
I want to try them all! But specially different updos.

Any personal tips for someone who is just starting their loc journey or considering starting locks?
For those considering locks, I say do it! Its just hair! I considered locks for a couple of years before starting them, and now that I have them I really can’t think of a good reason to why I didn’t get them earlier.
For those starting out, I would advise to find and use a good daily leave in conditioner as I’ve noticed that my hair needs it more now when locked. I would recommend mixing one yourself, as I’ve done after getting some tips from youtube. Natural oils are the key ingredients to my mix.

Which bloggers and vbloggers do you follow?
I don’t really follow anyone specific, but the vblogger “chescalocs” has some entertaining videos!

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