Natural Hair in London,pt 3 (Adornment365)

Read part 1 and part 2.

Salon flyer
   On my last day in London I had a hair appointment. I'd tweeted around beforehand to find out where to get a hair cut and got suggestions by #teamnaturalUK to go to Adornment365 in Brixton (South London). So I called and booked an appointment two weeks before we headed to London. I knew I wanted my hair shaped more round to bring out the volume easier, and my ends were desperate for a trim. I hadn't been to a hair dresser in over 10 years! Last time I sat in a hair dresser's chair was when I got my hair relaxed aaaages ago. But this time I wasn't worried, I knew I was going to a natural hair salon with a good rep, and that I wasn't spending an arm and a leg.

    I got my hair washed and cut by a sweet girl names Jenny, who probably thought I was a bit crazy after she found out I cut my hair myself and that I had cut bangs (which she was a bit perplexed to what to do with). My over all experience was good. Jenny washed and conditioned my hair, and detangled with a wide tooth comb while the conditioner was still in my hair. Then she combed through my hair some more with a wide toothed comb while cutting. She also re-wet my hair with a spray bottle a few times, since it was towel dried it was drying quite fast. As she was cutting I thought she wasn't taking off much, but turns out my hair is around 5cm shorter. (There goes my 2012 resolution of length, lol. On the other hand I didn't BC) When she was done cutting she re-wet my hair a bit more and applied a mixture of Flaxseed Gel and Moisturizer, the salon's own brand. She offered me to part my hair by myself, but I wanted to see how she would style it ;) Then she blowdried my hair with a diffuser, it was about half dry when I left the salon.

In the evening after the cut
When my hair dried it was bigger/poofier and less defined curls than I'm used to, but I still loved the cut! Even though Jenny didn't know what to do with my bangs she managed to cut my hair in a way that they blend well with the rest of the hair if I put them to the side. I also liked the way it smelled a lot. The second day my hair felt good, soft, but a bit tangled, I'm just not used to using a comb in it anymore. I think my hair looks almost like it did a year ago, maybe a bit longer though... should go back and compare pics... but the cut is obviously better.

So when I got home I co-washed and used my beloved KC Knot Today to get the look I'm used to. Still love the cut!

How much did I spend? Well the wash and cut was £25 (about 260SEK) a reasonable price and was well worth it. So, my fellow Scandinavian Naturals, if you are heading to London get a cut at Adornment365 instead of wasting money on people that don't know how to handle your hair ;) I will definitely visit the salon again, if I'm in London any time soon that is ;)

From the back after co-washing and KC Knot Today

Oh, and one more thing. Since the salon does starter locs I used the opportunity to ask Jenny a bit about locs. She said the best way for me to start locs with my hair type is to back-comb, which is exactly what Louise did and suggested for me when I bumped into her this summer. Still contemplating my loc jouney... ;) 

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