Natural Hair in London, pt 2 (Weaves and Extensions)

Read part 1 here

I hadn't been to London in four years, to be honest I'm more if a US than UK kind of girl, so I couldn't remember what the hair scene was like. But boy oh boy did I see weaves in London! Most of them pretty nice looking (I've seen plenty of bad weaves in Sweden, Denmark, Germany and SA lol). It got me thinking that it must be harder going natural in that type of an environment when so many black girls have weaves. And it's less expensive than here to get your hair done. Me and one of my friends were talking about how we may have had a different hair style if we were London raised. We are both naturals, but maybe if we were Londoners we'd have straight weaves down our backs... Who knows... I won't lie, I've never had a weave, so the thought of trying one is kinda tempting, but then I'd just look like everyone else. Don't get me wrong, I can appreciate a beautiful weave, but I prefer natural hair.

One of our London days we headed to Peckham (South London) to go hair shopping. I knew I wanted to get hair for Senegalese twists and see what else I could get my hands on. I'm trying to cut down on products, so I didn't buy anything new on that end, though I was tempted. I did however buy a bottle of Kinky Curly Come Clean (for £12,99, which is kinda pricey compared to the US, but I think the same as British Curlies without shipping), because it's one of my favorites and I've been out of it for a while. Unfortunately they did not have my beloved KC Knot Today. 

I also bought plastic hair clips and hair pins (was too impatient to wait for Santa on that one). The hair ties in the pic I bought at Primark. Oh and yes, hair! I bought 8 packs of Xpressions 7 packs of nr 4 and 1 pack of nr 33. When I got home I regretted not having bought more 33. But turns out my friend bought two packs, before she go high lights so I may be able to buy them off her. Each pack cost £1,79 (about 20SEK, here we guessed a pack ranges between 70-80SEK, it's been ages since I bought packs of hair). Stay posted for what will come with my packs of synthetic hair ;)   

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