Update: Silver-Straw's Locs 6 months

Remember Silver-Straw
Well it's been 6months since he started his loc journey (click on link to read the first post about this journey) so it's time for an update. As usual I asked him to answer some questions. So here they are. 

How are you getting on with your locs?
Great! Still happy that I finally made my locs. But to be completely honest I had some doubts around month 4, but I got over it pretty quick.

What's been the greatest challenge, if anything?
Haven’t really had any challenges, the only thing I’ve had issues with is keeping my hands away from the locs.

What kind of comments have you received on your hair since you got locs?
Most people in my environment seem to be used to the locs now that I’ve had them for a while, so am getting less and less comments on them. But I’ve only received positive comments on thus far.

What is your loc regimen? Which products are you using?
I’ve kept the same routine since I started, I re-twist the locs every 2 weeks and still use my favorite products from Darcy's Botanicals to keep my locs healthy.

Any lessons you have learnt so far?
Your locs are never going to be the same size, especially when you twist them yourself. And the most important lesson: patience really is a virtue!

What's your loc vision? Any role models?
My vision is to have shoulder long healthy locs, and any person I see with that description is a role model to me!

6month old locs

From the back. They are growing!

As you may remember Silver-Straw is a musician, 
here's his latest single All I See from his upcoming album.
Read more about him in this feature on Dynamic Africa 
(a great Tumblr to get a diverse and real view of Africa).

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