Faux Hawk Loc Style

Last week Di and I went to see Anthony Hamilton perform. It was a great performance, they know how to put on a great show! After a song or so I noticed the bass player's (I believe that's what he played) hair style and I was like: Wow, look at that! So I spent some of the show thinking of how I could get close enough to take a picture. (Yes, I know, I'm not normal) So when the show was over and the crew decided to mingle with the crowd I grabbed (yes, literally!) this guy and was like: Can I take a picture of you hair? Now I know these pics don't do the style justice, but these are the once I got. It looked like his locs were braided from the nape up to the front of his head and then attached in some swirls to hide the ends. A great protective style for locs! Now this is a style you would never see anyone with locs rocking in Sweden! But maybe in the future, hey, anything can happen!
From the back
From the side

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