Defining the curl pattern

Recently I watched a clip on one of my favourite blogs, My Quest For the Perfect Curl, about applying product. I can't remember which post it was exactly, but I know I saw her do it.
You know how you wash your hair and add product but your hair is not looking that great? The curls aren't defined, and there's a lot of frizz. Well, the post I saw has changed that for me.

I used to have the problem where the curls looked nice, very defined and pretty at the ends of my hair, still close to my scalp there was a lot of frizz and the curls were less defined. What I do now, and that I saw on the post was this:
When applying product I do it in sections. Yes, super easy! :)

Ok, so when I put in leave in conditioner now I put my hair up at take out small sections at a time (I think I do 8-10 section on my whole head) and apply plenty of product, from scalp to end, comb it with my shower comb (or my fingers) and make sure it's evenly distributed. Then I move on to the next section, until the product is evenly distributed all over my hair.
When it's drying I still have more of a wet look, but when it's dry I have defined curls!

And, better yet, I can have the same hair do for longer. I noticed that not only can I sleep on my hair without doing much to it the next day, it also stays "cleaner" so I don't have to wash it as often. Last time I had my hair out for three days straight, without having to tweak it much in the morning. I'm very happy about this! And I've been getting plenty of compliments on my hair lately :)

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