Choosing the Products for You

Once you start looking around for hair care made for curly hair, you will realize there's a buffet to choose from. There's actually a whole world of hair care that can be yours through some clicks of the mouse button. But how do you choose?
When you have figured out your hair type it will narrow it down a bit, but it's not only your hair type that determines which products that work for you. It's also the texture of your hair, the moiture level and how much time you want to devote to your hair.
So here are a few pointers:

*Do your home work  - Make sure to read up on which products a suitable for your hair and always read the ingredients of the products. If you want to keep it natural, there's a long list of products to stay away from (I will get back to that another time).

* Product reviews - There are tons of product reviews out there, not all of them good. But it can be and aid in finding good products. Try to find reviews posted by someone with the same hair type as you. There are a lot of great products reviews on YouTube, so if you find a product you're thinking about trying search for it there!

* Dare to try - Don't be afraid to try different products. Sometimes you have to go through a whole lot of them until you find the one that suits your hair.

* Don't be cheap - I know we all want to save money (believe me I'm all for saving), but sometimes you just have to spoil yourself and your hair to find the right products. So you might have to spend a bit more than what you usually do on hair products, but in the end it'll be worth it. And I've also found that once you find what works for you then your hair is healthier and will demand less product!

* When in doubt, leave it out - If you try something one time and it doesn't really do what it's supposed to for you hair then move on! I know it can feel like a waste not finnishing the bottle, but maybe you can find a friend who can use the product instead. I find that trying a product once usually lets me know if it's not going to work. And the ones that kind of work might be applied wrongly, or too little product was used, or too much. :)

Once you have found your favourite products you are well on your way to a good hair relationship.
Now start seaching for the one ;) Good luck!

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