Over the years I've tried uncountable brands and types of hair products, some better than others, some just plain horrible. Most of them have not been for curly hair, which probably has contributed to why they have left my hair dry and angry at me. In hindsight I've realized that it's the crappy products I've used that have left my relationship to my hair very bad. So good hair care products are key. Once you find the products that work for you, hold on for dear life!

So what kind of products do you need? Of course it's a bit depending on what hair type you have, what you want to do with you hair, your hair goals. Also, a child might not need the same array of products as an adult, so if you are a parent reading this, make sure you know what you are putting into your child's hair since they can't make good choices for themselves.

You will need:

Cleanser - Many hair care products for curly hair offer some kind of cleanser in their product line. This may be a schampoo, or something milder. It is used to get rid of build up and leave your hair clean.

Conditioner - Yes, if your hair is curly you know by now that you can't live without conditioner. Conditioner is what helps curly hair stay alive. Since curly hair is dryer than straight hair (I will get into the science of this another time) moisture is key. So make sure you find a good conditioner, can be rinse out or leave in, whatever suits your hair and lifestyle.

Deep Conditioner - Your hair needs love, on a regular basis, and if you love your hair you will treat it with a deep conditioner regularly. Find a deep conditioner that works for your hair and use it as often as you need. You might have damaged hair that need to a DC every week, but maybe in time once a month will be sufficient. Make sure you follow the instructions on the DC for the best results.

Styling products - They might not be a must in your life, depending on what length of hair and how much you style it. But I highly recommend using styling products that are made for curly hair, I promise you will notice a huge difference from the cheap stuff your buy at the grocery store.

Styling tools - Please make sure that the tools, combs, brushes, clips, whatever else, you use on your hair cause minimum damage when used. Always use a wide tooth comb when detangling, start at the end and work your way up to the scalp. That loud ripping noise you hear when you force a comb or a brush through your hair is actually your hair breaking! Be gentle and detangle regulary when the hair is conditioned (in shower) or while it's still wet.

I know the cost and the availability of products are usually what makes people lazy when it comes to hair care. And I know how frustrating it can be not finding hair care that is suitable for your hair, but don't give up! When you find the things that work you will with time have to wash less frequently and use less product, which in return saves you money.
Living in Sweden, where most of the population wake up, brush through their hair a couple of strokes and then run through the door (ok, I know it's not totally true, but that's always how I imagine them doing), finding hair care has been hard. But thanks to the internet hand international shipping I have found amazing products that have changed the relationship to my hair completely.
So trut me when I say, it's worth hunting for the perfect product!

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