What I'm rockin' right now

Of course I switch my hair up a lot. :) Right now I'm rockin' mini twists. I saw PrettyDimples01 tutorial on YouTube and decided to try them out. I've had two strand twists before, but never this small... It took six hours to do them, and it left me with sore fingers :( I used a mix of Shea butter (love Shea butter!!) and Jojoba oil (Loooove Jojoba oil) when I twisted. Very simple.

Mini twists
In this pic I've had them in for a little over a week and washed them once, that's why they're so curly. I really like that they are curly. What I don't like about this style is how they look from the front, it left my hair kind of flat, I genereally like more volume than that.

To see the tutorial I saw check out PRETTYDIMPLES01 on YouTube. She has a lot of good tutorials.

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