Yes, it has many names. In Sweden there's a proverb that translated would be something like "A loved child has many names", and I guess that goes for our hair too.
I usually refer to my hair as curly, and will probably use this definition a lot when writing. The truth is I have 3c mixed with 4 and even 3 in some spots.
What does that mean?

Well there's a way of defining what hair type you have that also makes it easier to figure out how to care for your hair. You can find it through Google by searching "Hair Classification System" or going to Naturally Curly.

Most people have some kind of mix of hair types and curls over their head. So the reason why it might feel like the back of your hair grows faster then the top might actually just be that the curl pattern in the back is looser than the front. Take a look at your curls and see how they vary in curl pattern and texture. Figure out which type of curl pattern you have, 'cause when you've done that, hair care will be much easier.

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