Review: Clay Wash by Naiobi's Olive

Last December when I attended Cape Town Natural Hair Fest I has a total relapse of my product junkie ways and bought a lot of products. It's been hard to even try them all because they were so many. But now I've finally gotten through most of them and am ready to review.

This review is of Naiobi's Olive's (love the company name) Clay Wash. This company sells natural products that are hand made, which I love. And it's based in Cape Town. I bought the clay wash along with the Moisturizing Milk (which I started using the next day, and finished before our vacation was over).

I really loved this clay wash! It cleaned my hair without stripping it, it smells good and a little goes a long way. I made the mistake my first wash to use way to much product thinking I needed a lot to get my hair clean. When I realized how little I actually needed the bottle lasted me about 6-8 washes which is pretty good.

I wish I could buy this product again soon, but I guess I'll just have to wait until I visit Cape Town again next year.

Ingredients: Hypoallerganic coconut soap base, organic soy lecithin, Bentonite Clay, Lemon tea tree essential oil. 

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