My Hair Is Not...

Recently had a conversation with my friend Sabrine about hair touching. She hates it just as much as I do. This time she told me how the boss at her new job touched her hair and compared it to cotton. Cotton, really?! How many times haven't we heard that comparison? 

This made me think of all the weird things my hair has been compared to by various people and what crazy comments sometimes come out of people's mouths. 

Brillo - One of my least favorite things, it's just a pure insult. 
Dog hair - I love dogs, but I still don't want to be compared to a poodle!
"Thought it would be harder" - Why?!
"Different" - You mean not like straight hair, yes, then it's different. 
Corkscrew - Yeah, I can see that, but still...

I'm unfortunately very bad with comebacks, I wish I would have told some of those commenting people of back then though...  
I don't really understand the need of having to compare our hair types to anything but hair. If someone said to me "Your hair reminds me of Tracee Ellis Ross hair." I could say, ok, thanks. But this comparing it to things it's really not is quite annoying. When have you ever heard people comparing straight hair to things "Oh, your hair makes you look like a golden retriever" or "Wow, it's so straight almost like a ruler." See how silly it sounds? 

What has your hair been compared to? 

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