Hair Crush: Armani Jackson

Today I just happen to find this movie on Netflix. You know how sometimes you just pick whatever pops up so you have something on in the background while you are busy doing other stuff? Well that's what the movie Little Boxes was supposed to be. After a while I actually found myself watching the movie instead of doing what I had first planned to do. The movie is about an interracial couple and their son that move from Brooklyn to this small suburban very white town called Rome. What first caught my eye was of course Armani Jackson's big beautiful hair. How cute is he?

Here with his on screen mom played by Melanie Lynskey

In the film his character Clark struggles with being himself and the racial stereotypes being transferred on to him as his new (white) suburban friends see him as a black boy. That balancing act while finding your true identity is something I know many multiracial people can relate to. People like to assume you should act or speak a certain way because the color of your skin.

Of course, every time I see a mixed kid in a movie the kid version of me does cart wheels. I wish I would have seen more actors like Armani Jackson growing up. I can't ever remember seeing a multiracial family on TV as a kid. Things are slowly changing. Anyhow, I wanted to add Armani Jackson to my hair crush section for all the mixed kids out there struggling to find someone that looks like them with hair like theirs in today's media.

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